Alger Hiss:


A New Look at the Case that Made Nixon Famous

“Adds valuable, new personal information to this ever-fascinating story. It will be of interest not merely to scholars of the case, but anyone who cares about history and getting it right.”

Victor Navasky, Publisher Emeritus of The Nation

“A most unusual book... sure to incense those historians and partisans wedded to the national narrative crafted by Whittaker Chambers and Richard Nixon. Insightful and provocative, Brady has reopened the Hiss case to a new generation of readers.”

Kai Bird, Pulitzer Prize Winner

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About the Author

Joan Brady won the UK’s Whitbread-Costa Book of the Year Award for her novel Theory of War, hailed as a “modern work of genius” (Spectator). The book also won France’s Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger. She is the author of several novels, some of them thrillers, and of the memoir The Unmaking of a Dancer. Alger Hiss: Framed is her second work of nonfiction. She currently lives in Oxford, England.

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